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Anthracite architecture

Innovative designs, Roots Asturian: Welcome to Anthracite Architecture

In Anthracite Architecture, we shape your dreams architectural with a unique approach that combines the rich history of Gijón with contemporary creativity. Every structure that we create is a unique masterpiece, an expression of our passion for architecture, and our deep commitment to the community gijonesa.

Explore our creations and discover how we can transform your ideas into spaces that inspire. From residential projects that embrace the charm of the coast to innovative commercial works that define the future, in Anthracite Architecture we are ready to exceed your expectations.

Architecture in Gijón: Fusing Tradition and the avant-Garde

We are architects, passionate, rooted in Gijón and committed to excellence. Our mission is more than designing buildings; it is to create legacies that will endure on the fabric of this wonderful city.

In each design, we seek not only to build structures, but also to tell stories through the architecture. Gijón, with its rich heritage, becomes our canvas to create memorable experiences